CrossFit 1on1

Welcome to Crossfit 1on1

CrossFit 1on1 is on the north side of Saline, Michigan and only 8 miles away from downtown Ann Arbor. Our founders have been friends, training partners, and part of the CrossFit community for almost 10 years. After being members of multiple CrossFit gyms through Southeastern Michigan, they decided to finally come together and open a box that truly helps "Shape Athletes For Life."

Why Crossfit 1on1?

CrossFit has grown tremendously since its inception and a new CrossFit box seems to pop up every year. So why CrossFit 1on1? Two reasons:

1. Our Coaches
Of course every gym/box is going to say their Coaches are more certified, knowledgeable, and experienced than other places. The difference with the coaches at CrossFit 1on1; Synergy. We believe that by sharing the same methodology and philosophy not only do we as coaches benefit, but you (our Athletes) do as well! Our coaches meet every week to go over the programming, address any needs or issues, as well discuss new training techniques to ensure we are constantly learning from one another. 
Oh, and our coaches are also more qualified than all the other gyms out there! :-)

Certificates include:
+ Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS)
+ IYCA International Speed and Agility Specialists
+ USAW Olympic Lifting Level I
+ Certified Weightlifting Performance Coaches
CrossFit qualifications include: Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Mobility, and CrossFit Endurance

2. Individual Attention!
Group classes are already hard enough to help an individual reach their goals. In a class of 20+ it makes it even more difficult to focus on individual attention/needs. In turn, we have a maximum of 12 athletes per class. With a 12:1 ratio we feel that the coaches attention, instruction, and group interaction is at a optimal level and no one gets left in the crowd.
Hence the name; CrossFit 1on1

What is Crossfit?

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Interested IN joining? Here are the steps:

1. Contact Us
Contact us to setup the our initial "Intro Session." Come ready to Workout! Our Intro Session gives us a chance to see how you move by taking your through our baseline workout. We will also sit down and discuss your overall goals, previous injuries or health concerns, and answer any other questions you may have. Reach out to us today at

2. Foundation Course
If you are interested in joining CrossFit 1on1 then you will be required to go through our Foundation Course. This course is a requirement for new CrossFit Athletes. The Foundation Course consists of Five(5) hour sessions (scheduled at your convenience) that will take you through different movements that will be involved in our CrossFit Classes. After your 5 sessions we will make a recommendation on whether or not you should take a few more lessons, or if you are ready to jump into class.

If you have been doing CrossFit already, you will simply need to speak with one of our trainers about your experience and perhaps demonstrate some of the typical barbell movements involved in our CrossFit classes.

3. Welcome To The Family! 
Whether you decided to sign up for a Membership, or you just do a Punch Card, we are excited to have you join!